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Utah Telemarketing Law.  Welcome to the home base for Utah Telemarketing Law!  This site is designed to educate telemarketers and call centers about Utah telemarketing laws and Utah telemarketing law compliance. If this site does not answer all of your Utah telemarketing law questions, we invite you to speak with an experienced Utah telemarketing lawyer. This site is not a substitute for legal advice and you should always confirm your compliance with a Utah telemarketing law lawyer.

Short summary of Utah telemarketing law:

Enforcement: The Utah Division of Consumer Protection enforces Utah telemarketing laws and regulations.  The Division reviews and approves Utah telemarketer license applications and investigates Utah consumer complaints.  The Division imposes telemarketing fines on companies who violate Utah telemarketing law.

Licensing:  A Utah telemarketing license and telemarketing bond are required before the telemarketer can call into (or from) Utah.  The Utah telemarketing license fee is $500.  The Utah telemarketing bond amount is normally $50,000 unless you have prior telemarketing violations within the previous 3 years, in which case the bond amount is $75,000.  The Utah Division of Consumer Protection reviews telemarketer applications for compliance with Utah telemarketing law. The Division seeks to ensure that a telemarketing applicant will use compliant scripts, cancellation rights, etc.

Exemptions:  There are various exemptions to Utah telemarketing law and the Utah license requirement.  You should carefully review the Utah code or speak with a Utah telemarketing lawyer to determine whether you are exempt. 

Utah Do-Not Call:  Utah has no state-specific do not call law list.  However, you must follow the national DNC list rules when calling into Utah or any other state.

For more detailed information, see Utah Laws and Rules. Click to watch a short video about Utah Telemarketing Law

Remember that in addition to state laws, there are other factors that play a role in telemarketing compliance. Consider performing a telemarketing compliance audit

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Utah Telemarketing Law

Utah Telemarketing Law

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